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"I own about a thousand railroad books and this one has immediately jumped into my top ten favorites! It is A+ cover to cover. After it sells out I bet it will cost plenty in Ron's Books Collectors Corner!"

Rich T.

Redmond, Oregon

"This is how a book should be written. If you weren't around or always thought it [the subject of this book] would be around, than this book will make you feel good. It's like being on the Wabash...Since Ian Wilson stopped writing his incredible books on Ontario, we have wanted a U.S. author to write with detail about the places we miss. I can only hope that other authors do the same with other railroads."

Dave J.

Livonia, Michigan

ISBN 978-0-615-52148-0

LCN 2013948259


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"This book delivers a

worthwhile and enter- 

taining account of what life and the action was like on this part of the once-great Wabash Railroad. I give this one a two thumbs up, and you don't have to be a Wabash fan to enjoy it."

Frank Garon, Railfan & Railroad magazine.

"I have spent several hours reading your book. It is great!!! The research you did is excellent, a book long needed."

Jim G.

Nappanee, Indiana


"I have just finished spending many hours of enjoyment on your Railroading on the Wabash Fourth District. Every once in a while we come across a truly outstanding railway book such as Nickel Plate Story and Shaughnessy's two on the Rutland and the D&H. This Wabash Volume certainly is one of them. Beautifully written, extensively footnoted, personal interviews, many photos which would have been hard to obtain in many cases, superb maps, and outstanding production (enameled paper, sturdy binding and excellent photo reproduction). I don't see that it could have been improved upon in any way. The explanations in italics are intelligent and to the point without going overboard--a comment from a professional railway man!..."

Carl E.

Bellevelle, Ontario, Canada

"Victor, I cannot say enough about the book. It answered questions I have had about the line and then some. It is great to have a bible of sorts regarding this line, and it will make modeling efforts possible when it comes to locations, etc., that other books/sites just didn't have much on. Having grown up on the line and watching it disappear during my high school days, plus volunteering at the Wakarusa Museum, it has always intrigued me and made me a Wabash fan. I especially enjoyed the photos of wrecks, track charts and, of course, the colorful interviews. It makes me wish that I could have lived back then and worked on a great, little line."

Brad S.

Hilliard, Ohio

"Thank you for the autographed copy I requested and I would just like you to know I could not put it down until I completed it. You have covered the history extremely well, as well as modern up-to-date touches. The book will have a place of honor in my 900 book library. I keep all of my books in barrister book cases with climate control, and no smoking is allowed in my house."

Al P.

Stockton, California

"I picked up the book you wrote, "Railroading on the Wabash Fourth District", and is excellent! I'm not necessarily a Wabash "fan" nor do I have any real ties to the locality, but I just was curious as the Wabash route seems to be the oft overlooked and forgotten rail line across this territory as well-known through lines like the NYC, PRR, B&O, NKP and even the GTW. I really enjoyed reading the reminisces of the old timers in their own words...great stuff. And the maps made it easy to follow along and get perspective. As noted, I am not first-hand familiar with the area well enough to figure things out without the mapping. But honestly, the stories really made the book...It's like you are right there riding a "Hot Rod 96" with a 2800 or working a mixed train with the crew."

Doug E.

Warren, Pennsylvania

"When one thinks of the Wabash Railroad, its passenger routes (St. Louis to Detroit, Chicago and Kansas City) usually first come to mind. The subject route of this book--Montpelier, Ohio to Chicago--is often forgotten or dismissed as a minor branch. It most certainly was not, and this scholarly work is proof. The line was built west across rural northern Indiana in pretty much a straight line, through no large towns all the way to Gary. Completed in 1893, it functioned as part of a competitive Buffalo-Chicago Route. It was Wabash's first district dieselized, and hosted Indiana's last mixed train. Several "red ball" time freights in each direction were carded. The book is thick with oral histories from railroaders who worked the line and others who lived trackside. Photos are mostly black-and-white. This is a thorough history, with dozens of maps, track diagrams of every town, track charts, grade profiles, four appendices, a bibliography, and an index."  J.David Ingles

Classic Trains magazine

"Received my copy of Railroading on the Wabash Fourth District yesterday. Thank you so very much; you did a marvelous job of compiling and assembling a multitude of facts and data. On opening it, I could smell smoke, steam and warm valve oil wafting inside. You certainly have a talent for writing. Your drawings were well done also."

Jim T.

Waterloo, Illinois

"Every so often a book will come along from an author little-known in railroad circles that proves a delight to read, not only because of the subject matter, but in the refreshing way in which it is presented to the reader. So it is with Railroading on the Wabash Fourth District...."

"...The book is heavily footnoted where the author has relied on his own research and his list of references is quite lengthy, along with an extensive index that is useful for tracking down the many people and place names that appear in the book...."

"...Railroading on the Wabash Fourth District is a joy to read and the author's heavy reliance on first-hand accounts of those who worked on the property helps bring the railroad to life. The accompanying maps are very useful, and the many photographs are useful to illustrate the birth, operation and ultimate demise of most of the Fourth District."

Thomas G. Hoback, President and CEO, Indiana Rail Road, Railroad History Fall-Winter 2014, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society



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