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The Fort Wayne & Jackson Railroad Company

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     Meandering 98 miles between its namesake cities in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, the Fort Wayne & Jackson Railroad Company was leased to the New York Central for most of its existence. It paid 5-1/2% dividends to its stockholders consecutively from 1882 until lessee Penn Central's bankruptcy in 1970.

    The year 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Fort Wayne & Jackson’s predecessor, the Fort Wayne, Jackson & Saginaw. Join us as we begin our journey in the wild and adventurous, post-civil war period when railroading was fragile iron rail, no air brakes, link-and-pin couplers and wood burning "Puffer Billy" steam locomotives. Witness a boom period under the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern and New York Central. Follow along under New York Central and Penn Central with decline, the end of passenger service, dieselization and dismemberment. And finally, note the end of the Fort Wayne & Jackson’s 101-year corporate history subsequent to a reverse-triangular-merger engineered by a Philadelphia law firm.

    And true to our theme at Erstwhile Publications, we provide the reader with unique aspects of the railroad including people and preservation efforts. Also incorporated are items favored in our other railroad book including, but not limited to, rosters, maps, timetables, interviews and hundreds of photographs. Successors Hillsdale County Railway, Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail), the Auburn (Indiana) Port Authority and rebirth under current successful operator Indiana Northeastern are also here. Look for more detailed histories of bygone railroads in the Every Railroad has a Story to Tell Series™ at


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